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Preview of SWN meso-map

Now showing normal graphic -- click to show hotspots outlined.

Mesomap of Southwestern Weather Network Stations

 Temperature   Humidity   Wind from direction @ Speed   Rain today   Barometer & Trend   Current Conditions 

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72 °F 32 % Wind from WSWWSW 0 mph 0.00 in 29.95 inRising Slowly Partly Cloudy

74 °F 26 % Wind from SWSW 0 mph 0.00 in 29.94 inRising Slowly Clear

79 °F 20 % Wind from NNENNE 2 mph 0.00 in 29.98 inRising Slowly Clear

72 °F 22 % Wind from NENE 5 mph 0.00 in 30.13 inRising Slowly Clear

66 °F 61 % Wind from WW 0 mph 0.00 in 30.09 inSteady Clear

65 °F 49 % Wind from NNWNNW 0 mph 0.00 in 30.11 inSteady Clear

67 °F 47 % Wind from WNWWNW 0 mph 0.00 in 30.00 inRising Rapidly Clear

49 °F 34 % Wind from WNWWNW 0 mph 0.00 in 30.37 inSteady Clear

70 °F 37 % Wind from WNWWNW 0 mph 0.00 in 30.07 inSteady Clear

78 °F 16 % Wind from NENE 9 mph 0.00 in 30.07 inSteady Clear

53 °F 25 % Wind from WSWWSW 4 mph 0.00 in 30.34 inRising Partly Cloudy

The Southwestern Weather Network is an affiliation of personal weather websites located in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. This station is proud to be a member of this network. Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. Stations are displaying temperature, humidity, wind speed, today's rain, barometer/trend and current conditions where available.

Current member stations of the Southwestern Weather Network

as of Fri, 05-Jan-2007 12:07:44 PST

  1. Arizona
    1. Gold Canyon Area [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    2. Mesa [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    3. Pepper Ridge [ Weather, Lightning ]
  2. California
    1. Arnold [ Weather, WebCam ]
    2. Capitola [ Weather, WebCam ]
    3. El Dorado Hills [ Weather, WebCam ]
    4. Glendora [ Weather ]
    5. Healdsburg [ Weather, WebCam ]
    6. Murrieta [ Weather ]
    7. Palm Springs [ Weather ]
    8. Paradise [ Weather, WebCam ]
    9. Porterville [ Weather ]
    10. San Luis Obispo [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    11. Saratoga [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    12. Simi Valley [ Weather ]
    13. Summit Valley [ Weather ]
    14. Tahoe Vista [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    15. Union City [ Weather ]
    16. Vacaville [ Weather, WebCam ]
  3. Nevada
    1. Coal Mine Canyon [ Weather ]
    2. Las Vegas [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    3. Mesquite [ Weather, Lightning, WebCam ]
    4. Minden [ Weather ]
  4. Utah
    1. Kanarraville [ Weather ]
    2. Olympus Cove [ Weather, WebCam ]
Gold Canyon Area - no current conditions report Mesa: 72F, 32%, WSW 0mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 29.95in Rising Slowly, Partly Cloudy Pepper Ridge: 74F, 26%, SW 0mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 29.94in Rising Slowly, Metar KDVT: Clear Arnold - no current conditions report Capitola - no current conditions report El Dorado Hills - no current conditions report Glendora - no current conditions report Healdsburg - no current conditions report Murrieta - no current conditions report Palm Springs: 79F, 20%, NNE 2mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 29.98in Rising Slowly, Clear Paradise: 72F, 22%, NE 5mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 30.13in Rising Slowly, Metar KCIC: Clear Porterville: 66F, 61%, W 0mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 30.09in Steady, Metar KPTV: Clear San Luis Obispo - no current conditions report Saratoga: 65F, 49%, NNW 0mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 30.11in Steady, Clear Simi Valley: 67F, 47%, WNW 0mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 30.00in Rising Rapidly, Metar KVNY: Clear Summit Valley - no current conditions report Tahoe Vista: 49F, 34%, WNW 0mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 30.37in Steady, Clear Union City - no current conditions report Vacaville: 70F, 37%, WNW 0mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 30.07in Steady, Metar KVCB: Clear Coal Mine Canyon - no current conditions report Las Vegas - no current conditions report Mesquite: 78F, 16%, NE 9mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 30.07in Steady, Metar KSGU: Clear Minden: 53F, 25%, WSW 4mph, Rain: 0.00in, Baro: 30.34in Rising, Partly Cloudy Kanarraville - no current conditions report Olympus Cove - no current conditions report


Arizona Gold Canyon Area No current conditions report.
Arizona Mesa night_partly_cloudy.gif 72 32 WSW Wind from WSW 0 0.00
29.95Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly
Arizona Pepper Ridge night_clear.gif 74 26 SW Wind from SW 0 0.00
29.94Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly
California Arnold No current conditions report.
California Capitola No current conditions report.
California El Dorado Hills No current conditions report.
California Glendora No current conditions report.
California Healdsburg No current conditions report.
California Murrieta No current conditions report.
California Palm Springs night_clear.gif 79 20 NNE Wind from NNE 2 0.00
29.98Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly
California Paradise night_clear.gif 72 22 NE Wind from NE 5 0.00
30.13Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly
California Porterville night_clear.gif 66 61 Wind from W 0 0.00
California San Luis Obispo No current conditions report.
California Saratoga night_clear.gif 65 49 NNW Wind from NNW 0 0.00
California Simi Valley night_clear.gif 67 47 WNW Wind from WNW 0 0.00
30.00Rising Rapidly
Rising Rapidly
California Summit Valley No current conditions report.
California Tahoe Vista night_clear.gif 49 34 WNW Wind from WNW 0 0.00
California Union City No current conditions report.
California Vacaville night_clear.gif 70 37 WNW Wind from WNW 0 0.00
Nevada Coal Mine Canyon No current conditions report.
Nevada Las Vegas No current conditions report.
Nevada Mesquite night_clear.gif 78 16 NE Wind from NE 9 0.00
Nevada Minden night_partly_cloudy.gif 53 25 WSW Wind from WSW 4 0.00
Utah Kanarraville No current conditions report.
Utah Olympus Cove No current conditions report.


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