Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 1000 mi
Update time = Wed, 29-Jun-2016 8:02pm PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
14 mi NNW of Borrego Springs, CA 2.5 000687427 mi 1467217621Wed, 29-Jun-2016 4:27pm map
5 mi ENE of Fall City, Washington 2.3 000967601 mi 1467215193Wed, 29-Jun-2016 3:46pm map
2 mi ESE of Princeton, Canada 2.1 001158720 mi 1467210198Wed, 29-Jun-2016 2:23pm map
9 mi WSW of Ahwahnee, California 2.1 000190118 mi 1467208253Wed, 29-Jun-2016 1:50pm map
3 mi ENE of Medford, Oregon 2.3 000452281 mi 1467193625Wed, 29-Jun-2016 9:47am map
16 mi NNE of Willow Creek, California 2.5 000399248 mi 1467187811Wed, 29-Jun-2016 8:10am map
11 mi SE of Arvin, CA 2.9 000446277 mi 1467136208Tue, 28-Jun-2016 5:50pm map
2 mi NNE of East Quincy, California 2.1 00014389 mi 1467097895Tue, 28-Jun-2016 7:11am map
12 mi NNE of Upper Lake, California 2.9 000267166 mi 1467089705Tue, 28-Jun-2016 4:55am map
34 mi N of Warm Springs, Nevada 2.1 000285177 mi 1467057772Mon, 27-Jun-2016 8:02pm map
3 mi WSW of Gold Beach, Oregon 2.9 000548341 mi 1467039868Mon, 27-Jun-2016 3:04pm map
12 mi NNE of Upper Lake, California 2.8 000266165 mi 1467036880Mon, 27-Jun-2016 2:14pm map
22 mi ENE of Coso Junction, CA 2.3 000369229 mi 1467014159Mon, 27-Jun-2016 7:55am map
15 mi SW of Coalinga, California 2.4 000348216 mi 1467004010Mon, 27-Jun-2016 5:06am map
51 mi SSW of Alberto Oviedo Mota, B.C., MX 2.7 000908564 mi 1467000330Mon, 27-Jun-2016 4:05am map
6 mi S of Hayfork, California 2.1 000337209 mi 1466995931Mon, 27-Jun-2016 2:52am map
15 mi S of Twentynine Palms, CA 2.2 000658409 mi 1466963571Sun, 26-Jun-2016 5:52pm map
4 mi W of Cobb, California 2.4 000268167 mi 1466952462Sun, 26-Jun-2016 2:47pm map
12 mi NNE of Upper Lake, California 2.5 000267166 mi 1466929890Sun, 26-Jun-2016 8:31am map
1 mi ENE of Frazier Park, CA 2.0 000474294 mi 1466916606Sun, 26-Jun-2016 4:50am map
6 mi WNW of Cobb, California 2.6 000270168 mi 1466884697Sat, 25-Jun-2016 7:58pm map
17 mi NE of Ucluelet, Canada 2.7 001201746 mi 1466873359Sat, 25-Jun-2016 4:49pm map
1 mi NNW of Lakeland South, Washington 2.0 000941585 mi 1466871310Sat, 25-Jun-2016 4:15pm map
10 mi W of Bonny Doon, California 2.0 000318197 mi 1466863100Sat, 25-Jun-2016 1:58pm map
12 mi NW of Hawthorne, Nevada 2.6 00009156 mi 1466855219Sat, 25-Jun-2016 11:46am map
4 mi NE of Little Lake, CA 2.1 000378235 mi 1466854099Sat, 25-Jun-2016 11:28am map
12 mi WSW of Mendota, California 2.6 000274170 mi 1466851132Sat, 25-Jun-2016 10:38am map
5 mi ESE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2.1 000173107 mi 1466846618Sat, 25-Jun-2016 9:23am map
6 mi NNW of Incline Village, Nevada 2.3 00004226 mi 1466805772Fri, 24-Jun-2016 10:02pm map
10 mi WSW of Delta, B.C., MX 2.4 000844524 mi 1466805060Fri, 24-Jun-2016 9:51pm map
2 mi SW of Brawley, CA 2.2 000773480 mi 1466802960Fri, 24-Jun-2016 9:16pm map
11 mi E of Shoshone, CA 2.1 000468291 mi 1466755002Fri, 24-Jun-2016 7:56am map
0 mi N of Lakeland South, Washington 2.9 000940584 mi 1466732314Fri, 24-Jun-2016 1:38am map
14 mi SE of Gold Bar, Washington 2.2 000974605 mi 1466724260Thu, 23-Jun-2016 11:24pm map
2 mi SW of Santa Monica, CA 2.9 000571355 mi 1466707595Thu, 23-Jun-2016 6:46pm map
9 mi WNW of Bridgeport, California 2.0 00008855 mi 1466666091Thu, 23-Jun-2016 7:14am map
23 mi ENE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 2.4 000988614 mi 1466658771Thu, 23-Jun-2016 5:12am map
3 mi WNW of Carlin, Nevada 2.3 000357222 mi 1466654257Thu, 23-Jun-2016 3:57am map
14 mi SW of Coalinga, California 2.8 000348216 mi 1466651855Thu, 23-Jun-2016 3:17am map
6 mi SE of Challis, Idaho 2.9 000759472 mi 1466653535Thu, 23-Jun-2016 3:45am map
17 mi WNW of Warm Springs, Nevada 2.6 000277172 mi 1466635358Wed, 22-Jun-2016 10:42pm map

41 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

United States Geological Survey - World Earthquake Map - Last 7 days
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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.

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