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NOTE: This section has been specially created to provide a place for students to have their own links on this website.

If you are a student or a teacher, feel free to submit your own suggestions for links.
Please send me your name and school for my records.
To protect your identity, only your first name or that of your teacher will be used to show credit for your submission.

The following links were submitted by Ms. Sarah's class in Jericho Vermont.

They have been studying kid-oriented safety sessions at their local library.
The following link was submitted by Brendan.
And another similar link submitted by Sarah.
The following link was submitted by Alex in Seattle, Washington.
Alex and his fellow students are working on a weather project for their science class.
We wish them well in their studies.
Some additional links that may be of interest to students.
Please feel free to suggest any additional links for this or any other section of my website.

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Honor Flight NV - Honoring all of our Veterans CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network) Station Number: NV-DG-2 Live Lightning Map - USA Reno Skywarn Spotter ID: DO21 AlertID Southwestern Weather Network Carson Valley Community Food Closet - providing for the needs of our community